Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring "Break" in Tyler

SPRING BREAK IS UPON US!!! After the drudgery of midterms consisting of endless papers and exams everyone is deserving of a week long break of travelling, beaches, fun, and other things I care not mention. All you fancy little undergrads will be prancing about forgetting everything you've learned the semester. However, if you are like me (a graduate student) there is no such thing as Spring "Break".

For me next week will be full of historiography, research, and paper writing. I will be spending my "break" organizing data and research from books I have and haven't read over the past semester. I'll be organizing all this into a historiography for my 19th Century Europe course while pulling together my notes to prepare for a  comprehensive essay exam in my Progressive America course.

Did I mention the 50 minute lecture I have to prepare for on race relations during the Progressive Era (circa 1890s-1920s)? Did I also mention the 50 minute discussion I have to lead on two books I need to read and be an expert on in one week? Did I also mention the man banging his head into a coconut praying its sweet nectar will cure all the aches and pains that come along with grad school? No! I didn't mention any of those things!

So, when you're out and about next week remember to stay safe while taking your well deserved break.... Cause I kinda need one.

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