Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Adventures of Doing Things for Fun at UT Tyler

So, I don’t know if you all remember back a little over a month ago when I first joined this awesome band of bloggers that I was interested in starting a book review blog as well. I finally made that dream a reality and I have been going steady on it for two weeks or so (Shameless plug: Go follow me there! I have tons of fun and I’d love to hear from you all! Comments, suggestions, etc.!)

 It can be really hard though. Although I’m new at it, I want to already be at the part where I’m hip and cool and tons of people follow me and care about what I say, and I totally want more people to share the book love. I dream of being contacted by authors and publishing companies and being sent books for my reviews before the masses get to read them. But so far, I have two subscribers, twenty facebook followers, and 65 twitter followers. Not world class or well known by any means.

But the point is, I’m doing it because it’s fun. Sometimes in college, I worry that people forget what it’s like to do something because it genuinely makes them happy and not because it’s going to make the grade or the g’s. While it’s incredibly important to focus on your academic life, it is also really important to make a little time to focus on what you like.

If that means starting a blog about cute cats, go do it! If you love to talk about cakes and baking, the internet is a wonderful place. Maybe it just means you take a night to bake something yummy or go find somewhere to go kayaking. I dunno what interests you, but don’t forget about those things. Let them nourish you in times when you feel overwhelmed or apathetic about what you’re focused on now. Even if you don't know what your hobbies are, go out and do something fun on campus!

The main point? Learn to have time to do things for fun as well as your work and school. What do you guys secretly wish you had more time for? Or even better, tell me something you DO take the time to do for fun in the comments!

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Gabby Cruz said...

I really like crafting :) oh and eating :p

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