Thursday, December 13, 2012

The thing about Hobbits ...

   Ohman! Ohmanohmanohman! It is December 13th and that means at midnight tonight The Hobbit ( Part 1 of .. ugh, 3 ) is released!

   Words can't express how happy I am as an English major that this book is finally being adapted. Am I pleased with it being split into so many pieces when the Lord of the Rings was allowed to have been compressed for time? Eh, I want to complain, but I am too busy being excited for dwarves, wizards, and wargs!

 The English major in me, as well as the geek, is doubly excited because here in a few hours a lot of people I know will get to see this great book and its cinematic adaptation. I expect quite a few UT students ( okay,  a lot of them ) will soon be lining up at midnight tonight to celebrate their finished finals. They'll then walk the stage for their respective campuses and graduate.

   Congratulations to everybody who will be finishing up their degree plans!


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