Thursday, October 25, 2012

World Series of Zombies....

My title makes this blog sound more awesome then it will probably actually be but I did spark your interests.
Wednesday night I attended yet another sponsored event by one of the RA's at Patriot Village.
It was a gathering to watch the World Series game one which was the Detroit Lions versus the San 
Francisco Giants. For those who didn't watch the game, The Giants won 8-3 and score 4 of those hits during the first inning off of a home run. This gathering offered delicious pizza and yummy cinnamon rolls from Cici's pizza.
I myself enjoy the sports Baseball and Softball. I used to play as a child up to maybe 13 years old when I got hit in the chest from a batter with one of the best players in our league pitching.
Here is one of my pictures as a softball player for you to look at.

I signed up for Human versus Zombies today. It's an on campus event that basically you try to stay alive all week as a human without being tagged by a zombie. Human are allowed to Nerf guns, socks and marshmallows. Each day there is a mission of sort that all the participants play in to get some kind of reward.
You can read more on the Facebook group. I'm super excited about this. I will also be filming this for the event for you guys to watch as Eli passed the gauntlet to me when he left last semester. I hope to make just as awesome videos or better.
           My Code name is Blogger Zombie.  :)
Registration is over by now when this blog is posted. Don't fret if my blog made you go, I wanna play! because this will occur again next semester or if you're really zealous to join you should talk to one of the mods on the Facebook linked.


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