Sunday, October 9, 2011

H.W. Surprise.

Returning from lunch today after church, I sat down to my computer. I made sure to arrive home early in the afternoon so I could make time to finish up a homework assignment. When I opened up the Blackboard and read through the assignment for my class I was greeted with a wonderful surprise. It appears that I do not have any additional assignments; I had already completed my home work for the weekend.
I tell you it's great to have nice surprises like this. This is about the second time that I've sat down to do some school work and realized I'd already finished it and am actually slightly ahead of the game. This is a very good feeling to have on my part. I hope the remainder of my course work goes along this very path.
So, during my new found free time, I painted my nails and did nothing. I've had a wonderful, terrific day. :)

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