Friday, October 28, 2011

Humans vs Zombies: Day 4

Well my friends, I have nothing but bleak news for you today unfortunately. The human side of the conflict is being systematically picked apart by the Zombie horde, and today especially so, humanity has suffered a tremendous setback. Reports have been rolling in that the Zombie army is constantly swelling with new membership, and nearly all who have been healed and have received vaccination are now re-infected with the Zombie virus. Hunter activity has been reduced dramatically, the large hunting parties are no longer around, just small groups trying to get through the day. The MODS special unit Zombies infected 10 people before their lifespan wore down, from my correspondence I hear that was a highly stressful time and we mourn the losses.

On a bit of a positive note, the humans were able to complete the daily mission for the day. The mission for the day was to find and rescue a stranded scientist and escort him back to a safe house before the might of the Zombie hammer could swing down on him. But during the mission, the humans took quite a few casualties, dwindling their numbers even further, the scales at that point in time were about even.

It was at this point I traveled from my tower to document the last major mission before the finale. The turnout for the humans was disappointing, and fear was in the air, after speaking with a few of the hunters they had admitted of having a bleak outlook for the success of the mission and had all but sworn their lives away to the task at hand. In an outstanding turn of events I found an old friend who was one of the original victims of Patient Zero, who had been cured of the Zombie virus and was now happily wielding a blaster for her human compatriots, I was also able to meet with the man whom I had been corresponding with that kept me up to date of the developing situations in my absence.

The mission for the night was to be an extremely difficult and trying battle, escorting MODS scientists to a lab to work on possible cures for the H1Z1 virus, one of the MODS being the man that was saved in the day mission, with his expertise the cure would take considerably less time to prepare. The Zombies goal was, of course, to hunt and destroy all life, destroying the chemicals to be precise, doing so would coat their skins in the chemicals, speeding up their rejuvenation process meaning they would stay out of the grave faster.

^The entire group of hunters, while being instructed by the MODS.

Mission in hand, 25 humans split into 2 separate teams, leaving one MODS scientist to herself with no escort, and following the other two to their separate outposts. Right from the beginning their was calamity, as soon as the team I followed stepped out the door they were beset by the Uber-Zombie, and he infected somebody immediately, but due to quick thinking my Correspondent was able to use one of the few antidotes he had on him to cure him before the virus set in. From there they headed to the outpost, being followed by a few straggling Zombies, it wasnt until the halfway mark that the zombies became more aggressive, with more and more showing up. Upon arrival to the outpost we lost 3 hunters, as I noticed even more zombies were running up to cause havoc and mayhem to the constantly dwindling hunters. As more Zombies poured in, causing panic in the group and picking off solo hunters the humans were drastically losing numbers, and I watched in horror, as my friend who had been cured of the virus was consumed by a rushing zombie and was now a Zombie once more, things were getting worse, as I again, watched in horror as my correspondent was overtaken and consumed by the Zombie horde. all while the Uber-Zombie ran just out of their fire zone, taunting them and causing panic. I started noticing something about the Zombies, the faces were familiar, some of the Zombies were in fact hunters from the second team, it then dawned on me, the second team had been wiped out, soon the group would be beset by a legion of Zombies, all bloodthirsty from carnage and victory! Then a second Uber-Zombie showed up, hope seemed lost to the group, but success, the scientist had finished his cure, but they had to travel back to the safe house in order to incubate it! The group began the long journey back to the safe house, completely surrounded by an army of the living dead containing many of their friends.

The journey back did not last long, the group was completely steamrolled in a rush attack by the entire mob and was completely overtaken, the scientist killed, his antidote smashed to pieces, 5 lone survivors ran and were able to find shelter before they too, were taken. Now the humans outlook looks very bleak, they no longer have the advantage in numbers, with their new swell of "volunteers" the Zombies are now in command of the board, and with their new rejuvenation abilities, they are a mighty threat. All thats left for the Humans are the ones who wisely stayed in their bunkers, they still command a large, well equipped force, if they can rally their numbers and morale for the finale, all is not lost.

^Before the mission

^The only survivors of the ill-fated mission.

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Wow... those Humans are being wiped off the board... fight on! I'm going to take pics today if I see any Humans.

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