Thursday, September 22, 2011


Today I got out of bed around 7:35 this morning so I could meet up with my bf so we could go walking again. Today we drove in my truck and we walked about an hour and a half. Our muscles were so sore from the jog we did back on Tuesday that we didn't do as much running today, we mostly walked. After our morning walk, we drove over to the Hastings books store and to the new discount Halloween store to browse around. We got us some lunch at the Subway and brought it home for lunch.

When it was time for me to get ready for work, my bf couldn't find his keys. We looked all over my house and they never turned up. I called the Subway to see if they had found his keys, since he brought them with him when we were in my truck. The Subway didn't have the keys.
We decided, after a second search of my house, to retrace our steps and go back to all the places we visited after our walk. Well, we never found the keys, I was late to work, my bf had to call up his dad for a ride, and had to make the return trip with the spare key to get his car home.

I didn't do any homework as of yet. I am feeling very guilty for that reason, because I wanted to get a bunch of it finished today. That's what I get when I go exercising during the week, I guess.....

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