Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Grad Classes

Well, here it is Wednesday on the first week of school starting. Thus far with my 2 classes being on-line, I have ordered my text books, completed a few h.w. assignments, paid for 2 education modules, gone to a yoga class at the HP center, read a full chapter out of one of my textbooks, and have participated in my classes' Blackboard portal.
Since I am a grad student in an education program, I am only taking two on-line classes this semester. I already feel busy, but not as busy as some of my undergrad work was.
Today I am waiting on my professor to return an e-mail through Blackboard's Discussion board. The syllabus said that today we have a few assignments due, & I have completed them last night. So now I am waiting on what my prof says about 'how to upload' my assignments....waiting, waiting, waiting. My prof also teaches undergrad courses, so it is very possible that he is busy. & some of the students in my on-line classes have said that the book store had sold out of the required text books. So, I think the professor is extending our assignment deadline to next week. But I am unsure if that means he doesn't want us to upload our due assignments until the following week. (I also don't know how to upload them...)

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