Monday, August 29, 2011

Got my fitness tested

At my gym today, you know heart rate, body fat percentage, anaerobic threshold, flexibility, strength, that sorta stuff. And I am.... average in all areas, except for strength, I dominated that one. But I can't help but feel a little gipped by the tests, after all I've had like a 2 week layoff due to some kid almost crushing my windpipe in my Brazilian jiu jitsu class resulting in my neck being unable to bend, and also school started. So 2 weeks of relative inactivity, and also I went crazy this weekend had two pizzas and some ice cream from Andy's so yeah.... give me a few weeks and lets do this test right how aboot that, by the way, I know that isn't the correct way to spell about, but I always say it like a Canadian, so it's aboot for me.... that's right, I'm drawing a line in the sand... I love ellipses

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