Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Level 2

My Level II nursing experience.

I guess the only thing majorly different with level 2 is the difficulty and the amount of projects you do. I kept up with everything throughout the semester so I didn’t have any major problems getting things done on time.

Medsurg 1

Medsurg is a pretty difficult class in level 2. The first test I failed, but the others I believe I ended up with B’s or higher. This class is more detailed than competencies and pharm. One of the main things is knowing all your lab values. They definitely show up in test questions. The teachers also make you do NCLEX questions every week, I believe around 10 or so, and these have to be turned in regularly. I think the text books for this course were fairly high, but most text books are. Definitely study the CD that comes w/the textbook those questions will help you prepare for test. I also found that listening to the tegrity lectures multiple times helped me remember a lot of information as well. We had to do a major clinical worksheet thing as well in this class. I can’t remember what it’s called they labeled it with an abbreviation. My main recommendation on this is start it early, it’s very detailed and takes a few days to finish. I think the medications take the longest, but the concept map is also pretty time consuming.

Clinicals - Medsurg

As far as clinicals go, there’s a specific amount of hours you’re required to fulfill in the semester. There’s a preceptor that you end scheduling hours with, I did mostly 12 hour shifts in order to finish up the hours as quickly as possible.


Mental is pretty easy, it’s kinda like taking a psychology class. The studying is not that intense.

Clinicals – Mental

Pretty interesting clinicals. There’s nothing majorly medical like giving out meds or anything. You pretty much just talk to patients and read charts.


This class is pretty much all about nursing research and what goes on with it. The quizzes are pretty rough, but the projects aren’t bad.

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