Monday, January 31, 2011

The Strong Survive

My best friend was heading home from student teaching on Tuesday January 24, 2011. On her way home she came to the top of the hill where an 18 wheeler was sitting in the left turn lane, but still over lapping into the fast lane. With a car in the slow lane and a car behind her my friend was unable to stop. She tried to swerve her car and miss the 18 wheel, but unfortunately did not. Her injuries include a shattered feamer and cuts and bruises all over her body. She had a rod placed in her leg to repair the feamer and has a total of 41 staples from that surgery. She also has 8 staples in the back of her head and 16 stitches in her arms. She was really lucky to sruvive, but it will also take her a long time to heal. She may be released from the hospital today and then taken to a rehab center for a couple of days. She will need at least 3 months of physical therapy and will have to move since her apartment is located on the third floor of her complex.

Throughout the last few days her main concern has been getting better so she can go back to student teaching. Student teaching ends some time in April and graduation isn't until May. Her grandmother has talked to the person who is in charge of the student teachers and she said that my friend may be able to make up the 8 days that she is going to miss between the end of student teaching and graduation. We are just waiting on the final approval from the dean before we can start making plans and finding a new place for her to live. She is extremely lucky to be alive, but also lucky that the university is trying to work with her to help her graduate on time. It is a very stressful time, but we are lucky that the university understands that accidents happen.

On a positive was good to see that my friend has such a good support system. On Saturday  she had 9 visitors in her hopsital room at one time. Five of us were her sorority sisters, 2 of the guys were friends that I introduced her to, and 2 of the people she met through student teaching. She really has made a lot of friends in college that have been stopping by during her stay at the hospital. The hopsital was really good about letting her have as many visitors as she wanted and not putting a block on the visiting hours. I stayed at the hospital with her on Saturday night so her family could actually get a good night of much needed sleep. It is crazy to see how much someone's life can change in just one instance, but it is also nice to know that she has friends, family, and a university that will help work her through it.

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