Sunday, January 30, 2011

Got myself a pup

          Hello there, the weekend is coming to a close and the school week will soon be upon us once more. The most interesting thing about this weekend was that I got myself a dog named pearl, and she's awesome. She's a family dog, we've had her for about 10 years or so, not too bad for a Yorkie. I had a choice between her and a puppy she had a year or two ago, but I think I chose well. She's a lot smarter and there's a lot less risk of apartment damage, which is what is most important to me. Anywho, school is going a little rough right now, there are things I have to buy for a couple of classes and I'm just waiting for sweet lady grant refund to come in so I can buy them.
          I really need to get the name of the foundations that gave me the extra grants. They definitely deserve a thank you card/speech/video/hug they really really saved my skin. The University just had a thank you ceremony where people go and thank the people that gave them their scholarships, but it didn't extend to grants unfortunately. I wish it had. I would have thanked them enough for 10 people!

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