Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spring Cleaning

            Ahhhh..... So today (Sunday) my best friend convinced me to actually clean my room this afternoon. Weird; why is my friend suggesting "we" clean my room??? o.O But we get started and it was just the kind of friendly support I've been needing to clear up this mess that is my living space.
            First we started with all the Christmas present build up I had acquired over the last few weeks. That was a nice breather to sort through. Basically my friend held up random items and asked me where I want to put it or what can the item be used for. If I didn't come up with an answer, into the trash bag it went. (Now, I'm not saying we threw away my Christmas presents, we just sorted them from their boxes and found a proper place for the gift).

              Most of the Christmas stuff was bath fragrances, lotions, candles, just basically feminine smelly stuff. I decided they'd do right in the bathroom. So we went to the bathroom & disposed of all the unused or outdated products underneath the sink. We threw out anti shave creams, expired Estee Lauder products, unused body lotions from 10 years ago, and half empty, forgotten shampoo bottles. That was great. Then we decided the bottom shelf would be dedicated to the not so everyday use, while the top shelf would store body lotions, sprays, bath stuff, hair products, & face cleansers.

              So the Christmas stuff got a home. But we didn't stop there. My friend diligently would move the the clutter spaces in my room & ask me what should be done there. So those spaces in my room I really wanted to avoid got dissected & filtered and gradually be came organized and more spacious.

             Now my room feels much much much more open. I feel as though I can breathe again & can see nothing to stress about in front of me. This will be a GREAT way to begin the spring semester.

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