Friday, January 14, 2011

Dress Rehearsal

      I am so excited about my upcoming play! My best friend & I are in the Tyler Civic Theatre Center's "Alice in Wonderland" play that opens next Friday night (21st). She & I are playing the Tweedle Dee & Dum. Our costumes are so awkwardly gold & emerald. We are still waiting for our black & yellow striped tights to come in.

         This is cool because I am a girl with very short hair & am playing the brother to my best friend, Michelle. She is playing my twin sister, Tweedle Dee. We are both wearing a pair of navy & white oxford shoes. Hers has a small heel & mine are massively large! ^_^ Very awkward to walk in, but it totally pulls together the ridiculous personalities we've given to the characters.
            Tonight is our first dress rehearsal, so we are really going to kill the director when Tweedle Dee & I come out on stage for our big scene dresses as school kids with unmatched socks & shoes. I hope I can do a better job at keeping a strait face!

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