Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First day back and feeling good!

     Well, today was the first day back at the school and it felt pretty good to wake up with a purpose. Of course it was a little shaky getting up, I went from waking up around 11 to waking up at 8, so it was sort of like that scene where Bambi first learned to walk, I was stumbling around the apartment looking for cereal. I don't drink coffee or energy drinks, so I basically just have to make my own energy to pick me up and get me through the day.
      Found all my classes even though one of them was in a building I had never been in before. Two of my teachers I have had before and the new one seemed really nice. It's going to be a little rough having such a long block of classes so early on Tuesday and Thursday, but this is my second to last semester so I'll live.
       A lot of people kept recognizing me and it took me an awkward amount of time to recognize them, for the past few weeks the only people I've seen are my coworkers so I'll have to get used to seeing other people again. Speaking of Coworkers, I'm thrilled to see them all back in the office, they bring that energy to the workplace that you just can't substitute and it's great to have them back!

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