Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Coolest, Free-ist Game Ever!

Get a group of people. You give each person small stack of paper pieces. The number you give should be the same number as people you have playing. (EX: 5 players, give each player 5 strips of paper.)

Each person will right out a word, or phrase, or idea, or sentence on the first (top) strip of paper, without showing anyone. When everyone is finished, each person is to pass their stack of paper to the person beside them on the Right. (Pass the paper either counter-clock wise, or clockwise). Read the person's sentence or word & then move their piece of paper to the very back of the stack with the blank side facing outward. On the new paper, each of you are to draw a picture of the word, or sentence you just received,(From the person on your Left). Finish your picture, then pass the stack to same person on the right.

You all will look at the picture & try to figure out what it is a picture of, or take a guess. Write your answer on the next piece of paper, which by then will be the 3rd piece of paper and continue to pass the stack to the person on your Right.

So you go back and forth: You write, draw, write, draw, write. At the end of the round, you should end up with your original stack of paper. Now you can individually share your results.

(Ex:I wrote on my piece of paper, "Hello Kitty," and passed my stake of paper to my friend. She drew a picture of a person's hand floating beside a cat. The next person interpreted the picture and wrote on the 3rd piece of paper, "Hitting a cat." The next person drew a picture of a person holding a baseball bat over their head and a cat standing at their feet. The last person wrote on the final piece of paper: "Beating the cat," and I was passed my original stack of papers.)
Try it. Have fun. ^_^

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