Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bills Bills Bills

No, this blog is not about the Destiny's Child song. This blog is about my resolutionf or the new year. You really don't realize how expensive being a grown up is until you actually have to pay all of your bills. My rent is $525 a month for a one bedroom apartment, my cell phone bill is $75 per month since I have an iPhone, my electricity is around $45-$50 per month, my car & renter's insurance is about $76 a month, and my Internet bill is around $48 a month since I have the fastest package. When you total it all up my bills are close to $800 a month. I definitely miss the days when my parents used to pay for everything. My resolution for the new year is to budget my money better. I used to go out and buy anything I wanted, but now since I'm starting graduate school this month I'm realizing that My bills are about to increase even more with books. You don't realize how much you spend each month until it is the end and you see your bank account balance. With Christmas and my sister getting married I definitely had to figure out a budget for those presents as well. You never know what will come up that you need to buy something for. I'm starting to pay all of my bills at the beginning of the month so I can exactly how much money I have left for gas, groceries, and other necessary things. Being a grown up sucks so live it up while you can.

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