Thursday, January 20, 2011

Class Review

     I've attended all my classes and have gotten a feel of how my final semester should go with each of my classes based on the syllabus lecture. I think it is going to be a pretty alright semester. :] I think it will definitely be a semester to remember.

      My Drawing II class over at the junior college will kick off my week. When I attended yesterday's (Wednesday) syllabus day, my teacher came into the room & I immediately liked her. She has a gray pixie cut, but appears far from seasoned because her manner, voice, & expressions are quite youthful. And one of the first things she said to my small class of 7 students was that we would have models come into our class-nude models-& we would be drawing them. o.O Wow. We would create our own portfolio, & draw on expensive paper. We are going to draw our hands & feet & by the semester's end, we should be able to draw our self portraits.

       Back at the University I will begin an upper division sociology course with one of my favorite professors. This will be my 5th class with my teacher and we were already dismissed after a short 15 minute talk about the syllabus. Nice. I like that.

        I have one night course here and it only meets once a week. So that will be a lengthy class, but the teacher doesn't frighten me anymore after I sat through the first class. This man whom I'd heard mixed reviews about and avoided at all costs up until my final semester actually doesn't seem bad at all. I think I will actually like him & the class. It is a hybrid, so work for the class such as quizzes & exams will be done through the online Blackboard.

        My final class will be my Senior Research Seminar. This class will definitely not be a blow off, unfortunately, & it also only meets once a week for a long period. Yesterday I walked into the room & was already greeted by some of my favorite fellow sociology students. These are the classmates whom I sat beside, shared information with, & carried the weight of the exams together with. This is the first class where I will have only soc students & none of the CJ students. & there are only ten of us in the class! My small group of six (with me) sat together against the wall & already we were making our teacher laugh.

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