Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ugly Christmas Gifts and Holiday Returns

So, I was talking with a co-worker of mine about the upcoming holidays.

The topic of choice: After Christmas gift returns. Last year, while working in the retail industry, I witnessed SO MANY gift returns the day after Christmas.

People poured into the store and lined up at the registers with gift "packages, boxes, and bags," and requested to return or exchange their gift. After about 3 hours of doing gift returns, I became annoyed with the large amounts of people returning hundreds of dollars worth of gifts and wanting cash instead. Most of the time we couldn't give back cash, we issued gift cards and easy exchange cards. Understandably, people would get annoyed and even mad. & for what? Because they didn't want what they had been given.
So my co-worker and I started discussing her awkward Christmas gift that she got from her aunt this year for Christmas. We can't figure out what it is! It appears to be a female faced-statue with the extended hair making up the base. My co-worker can't figure out why her aunt gave her this statue in a large box when she had originally requested a $20 air matres....& she can't return this item.In the end, she decided to just bring it up to work and set it on the desk.

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