Monday, December 6, 2010

Do i eat too much bread?

I read about people cutting out carbs all the time, it's a main staple of Atkins diet I believe. And it got me thinking about how many carbs I take in, and to be honest, I dont think I eat a meal that doesn't have bread or some sort of carbohydrate in it. I have an english muffin for breakfast, bread, a peanut butter sandwich for a snack, a turkey sandwich for lunch, then something for another snack, and then for dinner I usually have pasta and brown rice. So I'm starting to think maybe I have way too much bread/carbs. But then I think.... well what do I eat then? Everything I eat seems to have bread around it. So... I'd really like to maybe cut it out for like a week and see how it goes, but I'll have to find some substitutes or I'll starve. Any tips or suggestions would be awesome to the maximum.

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