Monday, July 5, 2010

UT Tyler Comes to Facebook

We've sent some e-mails. Your friends have invited you. Maybe you've even seen the special report on KLTV. The subject of these messages, invitations and news reports has been our new Schools on Facebook application. For those of you who are still unaware of what this application can do, allow me to enlighten you.

This application gives new and current students a place to meet one another and discuss various topics, ranging from specific classes to general interests. Students who may never have met have an opportunity to get to know one another before they even set foot on UT Tyler's green campus. Upon activating the app for the first time, students are encouraged to check all interests that apply to them. From there the app will make suggestions of people you might get along with (assuming they've checked their actual interests.)

Right now the app is still in it's beginning stages, so yes it is a little messy. Right now there are two sides, tabbed as enrolled students and admitted students. The admitted side of the app allows for more of a social discussion area, whereas enrolled offers features such as online schedules and discussions specific to your classes. In other words, if you miss a class for whatever reason you can simply log on to the app and ask classmates about the session.

I hope this has shed some light onto the function of our new app, and as always comments are encouraged to help us better the functionality of said application.

For those of you who haven't been invited yet, you can find the app at the link below.