Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Beating the heat at UT Tyler

Summer is rapidly approaching us here at the University of Texas at Tyler.  The past couple of weeks have seen temperatures as high as 95 degree already! Some people love the warmth of summer, but I cannot stand the heat and humidity.  Rather than embrace the heat, I prefer to find other things to do things that will avoid the boiling temperatures.  If you are like me, keep reading to get some new ideas on what to do during the summer to have fun while still avoiding the heat!
Find a good video game
With E3 wrapped up, video gamers have a ton of new content to look forward to in the coming months. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have a plethora of amazing looking games coming within the next year that many gamers are starting to drool over.  Video games are a good way to exercise your mind, tighten up your hand eye coordination, and have a little fun.  Plus, there will be air conditioning inside to protect you from the terrible heat of the outside world.

Yes, it is hot outside.  However, under the water it is cool and refreshing.  If you have a pool at your home, take advantage of it to escape the blistering heat, just remember to wear a lot of sunscreen.   Invite some friends over and have a pool day and watch movies or play games while you swim.

Find a good TV show or book
If video games are not your thing, try finding a good show on Netflix, or finding a good book to read.  Reading is particularly good for your mind and imagination.  Shows and books can help you imagine another world, and books can take to you anywhere you can imagine with the flip of a page.  Not to mention, once again, that there is nice and cool air conditioning inside your home.  It is an excellent deal.

Do crafts
Working with one’s hands is an excellent way to enjoyably pass the time.  Website likes Pinterest will always have do-it-yourself projects for people to take on.  Visit the website and create something for your bedroom, living room, or any other room in your house.  Some of the creations are really unique and quite pleasing to the eye.  Even better, most of the things you will need for the crafts are probably just lying around your home.  It is an awesome and fun way to spend countless hours during the summer.

Play games with friends outside at night
While the days are hot, the nights of summer tend to be much more tolerable.  Gather a group of friends and have cookout when the sun goes down.  After every one is done eating, play a game like hide and seek, freeze tag, or capture the flag.  Playing these games during the night adds a whole new element to the game. 

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Annie Scott said...

Whoa! The temperature is quite alarming and it’s only starting to get hot. It’s bound to get hotter than that. I do agree with your tips there, Carver. Going to the beach is not really quite a good idea without any sunscreen on. In my opinion, staying home would be a better option, just make sure your AC’s working or you’ll roast. Haha! Take care always. :D
Annie Scott @ Altus Mechanical

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