Tuesday, May 27, 2014

UT Tyler GATE announces: Ghana 2016

     The University of Texas at Tyler has announced that the new destination for the Global Awareness Through Education program will be in Ghana, a West African nation. This will provide the 18 newly selected freshmen an opportunity to become exposed to international cultures along with studying courses. This study abroad opportunity is a great experience for students to get immersed in different cultures that will enhance not only their resumes but their life experiences.

     This program allows for students to study abroad for a five week period. Incoming freshmen apply for the program by the end of their senior year of high school. GATE students are involved in a two year period where they take GATE specific core courses along with non-tuition based GATE 1000 classes to get them ready for their trip. Students get two GATE core classes each semester. These courses are meant to provide a cultural and international focus to classes to enhance the learning curriculum. Each GATE professor is fully qualified with international experience to incorporate in their teachings. 

     The trip occurs the summer after their sophomore year. The trips that have been taken have been to destinations like Japan in 2013, Brazil and Argentina in 2014, and Italy in 2015. Currently the Brazil and Argentina trip is currently taking place in South America with the students exploring the countries as well as completing two core classes abroad. 

     Not only are students able to take classes with an international based outlook, but they are also encouraged to attend cultural events on campus such as cultural lectures, international music concerts and film festivals. There are also opportunities for GATE students to travel across Texas for cultural activities. 

     Studying abroad is a great experience for students to get culturally immersed in a different culture. Traveling gives you a different perspective in life as you see how other worlds live. There is no longer a one way thinking as you become exposed to different cultures that change your outlook on things. Traveling and studying abroad gives you an edge when it comes to jobs because having an international study based education gives employers something different  and interesting to look at. Definitely check out the GATE program as it is a great opportunity!

     Check out Gabby Cruz's blogs about her experience in Japan as she was a GATE student! 1, 2, 3.


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