Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Last Minute Things to Buy Mom on Mother's Day

You checked your schedule this hectic finals week just to realize that you completely forgot that Mother's Day is coming THIS Sunday. Don't worry. It's not your fault those essays, charts, and equations have addled your brains. Chances are, you probably forgot that that day was my birthday, too. It's okay, because I didn't tell you guys about that until right now. 

Anyway! If you weren't already stressed out enough about finishing up your last week of this semester, you're probably freaking out about what on earth you're gonna get Mom to appreciate this Sunday. Don't worry though! If you've got a little brainpower left, a bit of cash or two-day shipping and a card handy, or maybe even some raw materials laying around your apartment or dorm, we've got you covered.

For the Traditional Floral Moms:

  • Valkerie suggests shopping with ProFlowers.com for some gorgeous blooms that your Mom will adore! They're having sales all week, and they can get your order out in a flash! You can even personalize a little card to go with it when it's delivered!
  • If you're feeling a little strapped for cash, you can always run to your local supermarket florist. They sell some lovely blooms for last minute shoppers.
  • Want to go even cheaper? You'd be amazed what sort of beautiful wildflowers grow around here. You could make it into a Saturday exploration project.
  • If your mom loves to grow plants, you may consider getting her a lovely hanging plant that she can care for from a local Nursery or project store such as Lowes. Valkerie's ProTip: If your mom loves plants but kills every green she looks at (or maybe just has a little trouble and that's all), you may consider getting her succulents because they are hard to kill. Who likes watering plants, anyway?

  • She may even want some new gardening tools for her garden! Keep an ear out for that sort of thing because gardener moms love new gardening gear

    • For the Moms Who Love Sweet Sweet Deliciousness:
      • If you watch TV, you've probably heard of Shari's Berries. This is the food equivalent of ProFlowers with strawberries that you can have topped with a variety of delectable toppings and they have a quick delivery schedule! Go check them out. They also have deals that run pretty often.
      • If your mom kind of likes flowers but prefers things she can consume, you might be interested in looking at an Edible Arrangement. They have lots of fruits and chocolates to add to it. Just be aware that this runs into the realm of more expensive. If you've been saving up, this might be the one for you!
      • If you live in the Tyler Area, or you'll still be around a few more days before you scram back to your hometown for a little bit to chill with your family, consider picking up some Ganache Cupcakes! This place is one of my most favorite places because they offer at least 10 different kinds of cupcakes a day, so there's sure to be one for your mom. They even sell Gluten Free and Sugar Free varieties!
      • Chances are, your family is probably already looking into an awesome Mother's day meal out, but you can also be the hero and take Mom out yourself! If you have a little bit saved up and a place that's special to you both, consider pampering her!
      • If you're a little strapped for cash but are handy in the kitchen, you could wake Mom up with breakfast in bed! This might require money for raw ingredients (put that expired milk down!), but it'll likely end up cheaper and feel more special.

      For the Moms who you're really not sure about what they want or what they like, they just tell you to pay your bills and do your laundry and you try, YOU REALLY REALLY TRY. What about the Moms who are allergic to most flowers and you don't know flower species well enough to know if they are going to make your Mom break out in hives? What if your mom hasn't eaten sweets in 10 years and doesn't want to start now? What then, young grasshopper? What then?

      Well, we have some suggestions for you:

      • Dr. WHO T-shirts.
      • A bouquet of cats. They're not real cats, so they are hypoallergenic. 
      • A photo collage of all the embarrassing photos you have taken together! You can hand-craft it. It will be so DIY she will surely love it. 
      • Make a cute handmade coupon book for her. Put in that you'll give her a foot massage, admit she's right, give her one whole day without eye rolls, even one that says you'll agree with everything she says. The possibilities are endless. 
      • Make her a personalized coffee mug. Get creative!
      • Get her a Yankee Bacon Candle! Mom's love bacon candles! 
      • Also, if she likes crepes, make sure she will never have to go to a restaurant to get it again! 
      • Write her a story! Because you haven't had enough essays due in the past two weeks. 

      So you're set, right?! You can do this. And PLEASE, clean out your car before you go to visit. This Mother's Day is going to be grand! 

      Not recommended. 

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