Thursday, April 17, 2014

Patriot Days: Life After Graduation!

     The University of Texas at Tyler Student Money Management held a workshop along with Career services and Financial aid today at the University Center Ballroom at 12:30. The workshop focused on providing students with tips and resources that will get them prepared for life after graduating college. Have you thought about what you will do after you graduate?

     Career Services began presenting by providing a background on who they are. Career Services is an on campus resource that helps students build their resumes, connecting students with potential employers and also offers other career related services. They presented information benefiting students such as signing up for Patriot Jobs, a job search service for students for both on and off campus jobs. They also showed students websites that can direct them to find out more information on their career as well as how much money they will earn. One example is O*Net OnLine which shows average salaries for each occupation.

Students signing in
     Financial aid outlined different options students can take to pay off student loans after they graduate. They presented some options for payment plans that are typically used such as the loan consolidation plan that allows you to merge multiple loans into one loan that will be at a fixed rate. This allows you to track your debt more efficiently and the interest incurred will be from one loan and not multiple. If you would like more information on student loans, you can go to

Student Money Management
     Student Money Management introduced themselves as a resource for students to get information on financial planning and counseling services to help students make budgets, provide information workshops, etc. They also showed students the importance of savings and creating budgets. Once you graduate and even now, you should keep up with what you're spending. Having a budget allows for responsible money management that will benefit you. You can also set a budget through the help of an app that connects to your bank account. works simultaneously with your bank account to deduct balances from any budget you have set as well as overall income. There was also information on how to check your credit report for free from websites like Credit Karma and

Career Services Jeopardy
   Once presentations were over, there were different activities for students to participate in. Career Services played Jeopardy with students on subjects such as where to find jobs, resumes, careers. Financial aid services and Student Money Management held booths where they provided information to students from credit reports and savings to student loans. There was free pizza and soda which was great! There were also more activities such as the money machine, Financial Aid's "May the odds be ever in your favor," and SMM's Minute to Win-it. The money machine gave students 30 seconds to collect as much paper money they could where each paper slip equaled one ticket. Financial aid allowed for students to guess a number from 1-5 where the right guess received double the tickets. Minute to win it was a game where students used a straw to blow plastic cups off the table in a race. There was even a photo booth! 
Minute to win it game

     Overall this was a great opportunities for students to get more information on what they will do after college and the resources that are available to them. Be sure to visit more workshops like these if you haven't made your plans after graduation yet!

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