Monday, April 21, 2014

Patriot Days at The University of Texas at Tyler!

This week has been a whirlwind of fun here at The University of Texas at Tyler! We had many events happening for Patriot Days. There was much free food, festivities and educational information for FREE to all students. It was perfect timing too, everyone needs a pick-me-up during the craziness that IS April. Finals are coming quickly, the world is turned upside down momentarily, you think you are about to totally lose your cool.... and then the University gods come and bring loads of free food, balloon artists and spray-paint artists to entertain you. It's like the ultimate "HEY. DON'T DIE" from the University!

Also, here's a "HEY. DON'T DIE" from yours truly: 

I decided to cover the Health Fair during Patriot Days. I'm really glad I did, because all of the food offered wasn't super vegetarian friendly and the UC second floor was turning into a land of pure temptation. So I went upstairs and these are a few things I found....

There were wonderful peach and yogurt smoothies to sip on.

 You could hold the equivalent to a pound of muscle and a pound of fat on your hands. Those things were squishy and weird. I also got my BMI calculated and was told my body fat index.

This was actually a really eye-opening display of cigarette use on campus. I saw this big bucket of cigarette butts and thought, what the heck?! I asked about the bucket-O-butts and found out that these butts were collected ON campus during one hour of walking around and picking them up off of the ground. That's right. These were littering our campus. I was appalled. I asked the presenter what we can do about this, and she informed me that she was pushing for a policy change that made UT Tyler a non-smoking University, which I approve of greatly after seeing the amount of littering alone that occurs on campus.

My old co-worker and friend Macie Mayrell was there as well! She is a level four nursing student and will be graduating soon, WOOT WOOT! She was at the fair checking cholesterol and iron.

All in all, this event was great fun and I enjoyed checking out the tables and feeling okay about my health decisions (for the most part, HA). Keeping an eye out for your health indicators is important, and I'm really glad I had that opportunity while learning more about my body through The University of Texas at Tyler.

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