Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Brace For Finals

We are now approaching the home stretch of the Spring 2014 semester and that means we all have very few weeks until Finals come at us. For many this point in time right now is not explicitly when you might want to think about Finals, but hear me out as to why this is the most important time.

Normally many people give themselves a week to study for a Final. Sometimes maybe even two. I argue that three weeks is probably the best amount of time before Finals. Why?

1) You have a week to burn on procrastination but to at least prepare for the next two weeks of studying, if that kind of thing is important. I know a few people who actually need to schedule 'burn off' time so they know, when it comes time for the actual studying, that they made the conscious choice to put off the previous free time. Oddly, having the power to determine you goof-off time often makes it more important to maximize study time. Without a set week to burn some people then burn half of their last remaining two weeks as a form of denial-procrastination.

2) Depending on how hard your Final will be, you might need all three weeks. You might need that time even
more if you have multiple Finals. While some people might have one huge Final, others may have three small or large Finals. You might need a week per Final so you can make sure to just spend that time getting ready.

3) You need a lot of time to study, to rest up, and then to study again. I personally need a break between a day of studying any subject, however if I only have one week and multiple Finals I have no time. If I have two weeks I have a lot more space but, by taking a break every other day, I am not maximizing as best as I could. With three weeks there is enough time to

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