Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Most Anticipated Album List for 2014- Music that all UT Tyler Students Can Enjoy

In my day-to-day lifestyle, I’m rarely not listening to music. Most of the time it’s either via Pandora or Spotify, and lately, it has consisted of nothing but fantastic music released in 2013. Most notably, albums such as ...Like Clockwork from Queens of the Stone Age, Yeezus from Kanye West, and Random Access Memories from Daft Punk. As great as these albums are, I am really excited for the music expected to release in 2014, as it will add some really great variance to my current playlists.  Here’s a few of my most anticipated albums for 2014:

Note: keep in mind that some of these are speculative, but most likely will be released

File:Beck Morning Phase.jpgBeck- Morning Phase due February 25th

My favorite episode of Futurama is where Bender meets Beck’s head (it’s not grotesque, I swear), and he tells him “I always dreamed of being a musician-poet who transcends genres even as he re-invents them, just like you.”  This is an apt description of Beck, one of my all-time favorite musicians. If you don’t know Beck by name, you probably know his most famous song Loser. If you do know Beck and have listened to a large portion of his music, you would understand why I am eager to hear Morning Phase. Beck is returning to the musical style he used in his critically acclaimed album Sea Change (2002), though it is also inspired by 1960s California folk-rock. He has already released a single from the album, Blue Moon, and trust me, it is wonderful. As Bender says at the end of the Futurama episode “Well, everyone, prepare to have your guts kicked out by folk singers.” That’s what this album will most likely do to me.

Note- while in the process of writing this blog, Beck released his album a week early to stream on NPR. Stop everything you are doing and listen.

Foo Fighters- TBD

The Foo Fighters are in the process of recording their
eighth studio album, as teased on their Instagram account.
The Foo Fighters are a rock band prolific in both talent and worldwide appeal. They hardly release any material that is not renown by both critic and popular opinion, which is why the talk for their new 2014 album has me ecstatic. Front-man Dave Grohl has hinted at this release since late 2013, saying its production will be similar to that of their latest album Wasting Light: recorded in singer Dave Grohl's garage and was recorded on tape to give the clean and raw sound of the band.  Expect this album to be released between the summer and fall of 2014.

Kendrick Lamar- TBD

Whether you think the Grammy awards are important or not, the ceremony held at the end of January proved that Kendrick Lamar has a strong future with rap music. His last album, good kid, m.A.A.d. city, sold well over a million records, was nominated for seven Grammy Awards, and is considered to be a universally acclaimed rap classic. The snippet of his new work featured in a recent Beats By Dre ad sounded incredible. Let's hope the rest of the album can match what he has previewed to this point.

Johnny Cash- Out Among the Stars due March 25th

Whether you are a fan of country and rock and roll or not, a new Johnny Cash album should always be worth your attention. Despite passing away in 2003, Cash's music is still making an impact on the world in a tremendous way. The singer's son, John Carter Cash, discovered the master tapes for this album in 2012, and since then they have developed into what will be known as Out Among the Stars. Never-before-heard, the album was recorded during the early 1980s, but it was shelved when Cash was dropped by his then-label Columbia. The album contains 12 songs, with duets with June Carter  and Waylon Jennings. 

Frank Ocean- TBD, due Summer

Following his debut album channel ORANGE from 2012, which some claim to be one of the strongest debut albums in recent memory, R&B singer Frank Ocean will most likely be releasing his follow-up in the Summer of 2014. It is rumored that contributing to the album will be Tyler the Creator, Danger Mouse, Pharrell, and Tame Impala (all awesome, by the way), hinting at how strong the follow-up can be.  In my opinion, if it is even remotely as good as channel ORANGE, it will be nothing short of amazing.

Kanye West- TBD, due summer 
The album cover for Yeezus, arguably the best album from Kanye West.

This one will be a quick follow-up from the artist's last album, Yeezus, which topped more critic top 10 lists than any other album in 2013.  And it was well deserving of that recognition.  Kanye West proves time and time again to be one of the most consistent and powerful rap artists in the industry, and his new album this summer will most likely live up to that reputation.  As outspoken and downright belligerent he can be in the public eye, his music makes up for the bad press.  Assume this album will only bolster his reputation for being an outstanding artist and performer.

These are only a portion of the great music that will be released over the next 10 months, but this alone has me quite excited.  Whatever your music genre preference is, 2014 will have something for you to truly enjoy.

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