Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Single's Awareness Day! (For Real!)

You see it everywhere. The hand holding, red roses and pink carnations, ‘just girly things’ referencing The Notebook: Valentine’s Day is about as inescapable as Justin Bieber’s fate as being Lindsay Lohan’s roommate in rehab. Too soon?

You tell them, Christina!
All things considered of this commercial, Hallmark holiday- there are options for you if you are single. There are the bitter and unhappy people that will try to bring you down and say contrived clichés such as “Nobody loves you any other day of the year.” That is lame. Nobody loves them any other day of the year because they don’t love themselves.

Here is a list of fun things to do with yourself on Valentine’s Day  Single’s Awareness Day

-Dinner and a movie: face it, for some reason people seem to think it is attractive for a date to be indecisive. If you fly solo, you are free to see whatever movie YOU want to see and eat whatever food YOU want to eat. Also, you can flirt with the cute waiter/waitress you were eyeing (you were SO thinking it, I just said it!)

-Go out dancing: all the other couples are going to be together, where would other singles go? It’s fun, it gets you active, and let’s just admit that dancing is better cardio than watching Netflix movies all night. You may just have fun! Whether you go alone or with a group of equally single Pringle friends, don’t knock it till you try it.

Sings about being single, goes home to Jay-Z... #notevenmad
-buy yourself something awesome: Like those old Geico commercials, you saved a lot of money by switching your relationship status to single. What’re you going to do with all that saved money though? Why not use a little of that to celebrate one of your accomplishments? Do great on a test? Buy something off your Amazon wishlist you’ve been watching for a long time! Celebrate something you’ve been working hard for. There’s nothing wrong with buying yourself a gift.

-Take one of your really good friends out for dinner (or better yet, invite them over for dinner!). I know, this sounds a little strange, but it will cultivate closeness and you will find yourself having a really good time instead of fixating on the fact that you don’t have anyone romantically. Love comes in many forms, and sometimes that platonic or familial love is what you need first! What a better gift to give yourself than making one of your best friends happy?

It looks like a postcard! :D Send me here!! 
-Be spontaneous and take yourself on a mini break! Take a day trip up to one of your favorite places and just revisit all of the places you used to go to. That feeling of wanderlust and road trip excitement that you’ll stir up will divert any sadness over Valentines Shmalentine’s Day Sadness! Take your friend from the above recommendation if you’d like and get ready to make some new memories! Just be sure to take lots of pictures~

Sure, Valentine’s Day seems to be all about couples, but it is actually about love. Not just about romantic love, but love between friends, family, pets, whatever you love! Make sure to celebrate it right with those you love <3

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