Thursday, November 14, 2013

Looking for a job or internship?

                Jobs and internships can be hard to come by. In college, there are times that it is difficult to balance work, school, getting involved on campus and having fun. We all need money, so sacrificing some things are necessary. Whether it is sacrificing time with friends or working less hours, it is all up to the individual’s discretion. Nevertheless, finding a job or internship related to your major is absolutely essential in honing your skills in your field of study.

                There is a relatively new resource offered for students who need to find a job or internship. It is called MyEdu.

                MyEdu provides college students with a more interactive and visually appealing way to market their skills and achievements to potential employers. This resume building program shows tiles containing different aspect of an individual’s life. Such as degree of study, work experience, achievements, leadership experience, hometown, etc. Once you build your tiles detailing every aspect of your college career, there are job posting queued for you according to what best matches your expertise and major. You are also able to find internships if available.

Example of how a profile looks like
                There are three important questions to ask yourself when you look for a job:
  •          Does it relate to my major? –if you find a job that relates to what you are studying, you have an advantage over your competitors in the job market who have no experience in your field.
  •          Is it local?-you want a job that is close to campus or your home so you don’t travel far.
  •          Does it pay relatively well? - You need enough money to pay for your expenses during your years of college.

Why internships?

        Internships are important to have in your college career because they are real world experiences where you learn the trade of your major. They are designed to help the student transition from knowing the basics of the job, to attaining a professional entry-level position. Some internships are only offered in terms, such as in fall, spring or summer, but if you do well and work diligently and efficiently, you may be offered a position in the company or business. Internships can also count for course credit towards your graduation depending on the department chair of your college.

        This is why MyEdu is a great program. As you show interest in a job posting by applying, the potential employer is able to look at your tiles and contact you if they’re interested.

MyEdu is also a school resource as you can actually create a schedule of your classes and time by uploading actual course information from your university. It also provides professor recommendations about different things.

Sign up for MyEdu, as us college students should take advantage of every available resource possible to better ourselves and be readily available for careers after college.

 As a college student myself, I was unable to find a reliable job. When I was able to work starting January, I had no idea what job I could take. I started looking into retail jobs and was able to find a job, but it wasn’t until I received this Telecounseling job that I felt my skills come into play. Here at the call center, I am incorporating Public Relations principles as I am calling prospective students to attend The University of Texas at Tyler, blogging about campus related things, and keeping up with the UT Tyler social media pages.

It’s okay if you have a job that doesn’t relate to your major at the moment, but if you find one that goes with your major, you are able to have an advantage over competing peers. So if you’re looking for a job or internship, MyEdu is a great way to start looking! 

Click here to see a video about MyEdu!

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