Thursday, November 28, 2013

Fizzing out on treats!

                As young adults we sometimes forget how it was to be a kid; to let loose, have fun, and enjoy every moment. But there is one place where your memories as a kid can come back and you become full of joy and cheer once you’re inside. This place is Rocket Fizz!!!

                Located right across the street from Raising Cane’s, this establishment is a soda and candy store!! So you really do feel like a kid again when you step inside!


     I visited this place last Friday. After my trip to Walmart, I decided to detour as I had heard there was even bacon soda. Who wouldn't visit a place that has soda with bacon flavor? It wouldn't be American if I didn't go because of bacon.

                Once I stepped inside, I was glad to see every shelf, every table, full of candy. Lollipops, chocolate, gum; you name it, they had it. I've never seen such a place. It reminded me of the candy place from Ed, Edd and Eddy where they would all go buy jawbreakers.

 There is an array of candy and other sweets. There’s the typical American candy such as Milky Ways, Reese’s, etc. There is also candy from around the world. I was ecstatic when I found a piece of kinder chocolate. I haven’t had this German chocolate since I was a little kid in Mexico. I was sad though, because I learned that they didn't carry kinder surprise. This is a chocolate egg filled with a toy in inside. It is only banned in the U.S. because it’s a choking hazard.

              There are also posters, tin posters and other trinkets that you can buy. I bought two things though. I got the kinder chocolate bar and a British cola, as shown below, that apparently smells like flowers. I just tasted black licorice! It was still yummy. Regardless, I will go back to find this bacon soda I have heard of.

So have fun on a boring day and check out this candy store. It’s always nice feeling like a kid again and regaining that childlike innocence. It will definitely brighten up your day!

For directions to Rocket Fizz, click here.

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