Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dropping Classes :(

***** LAST DAY TO DROP WITH A W will be OCTOBER 28th******************
(is this flashy enough?) 

There are steps you take in your academic career.
The major ones are:
 - being accepted into a specific university(ities)
 - registering for your first classes
 - registering for graduation
 - graduating

There are other intermediate steps that we take in preparation to those final steps toward graduation.
I recently ventured upon a intermediate step that has been wracking my nerves. Dropping my first class (and after the census date, oops), I am currently taking Statistics 1.I am struggling with it. Math is not my best subject. So, I will take the road not previously taken.

When I ventured to the Enrollment Services this morning after my object oriented of boredom lecture.
I walked right up and said " I need to drop a class, what do I do?"

I was then helped through the processes. A financial aid counselor signed off and my scholarship adviser also had to sign it.Before the counselors came and signed the paper,one of the staff members told me that two options I had with my situation.

1. Drop the class, get a W, it will be on my transcript
2. Keep going on the class, get an D or F, then do grade replacement.
 Now to finally drop this, I have to get my professor to sign the paper and I will done!

(this was recommended when I looked up on google "happy songs about something ending")