Friday, September 27, 2013

How to Survive Midterms (Peacefully) at UT Tyler

So this is around the time of the year when all of my professors decide that they are the only class I have to study for and therefore make all of their tests and projects due on the same day. Not like in high school where they would have all of their tests and projects in the same week. This is just serves as a preview to remind me of what is about to ensue. 
I wonder what Boromir would major in...
 In a few short weeks, it will be fall semester midterms, second only to finals in level of stress. For some people it may even be more stressful than finals! Reason being, if you do well enough on your midterms, you will have less pressure to make the perfect score on your final exam to bail yourself out.

This is how to survive your midterm :)

  1.   Drink lots of water. Your brain is made out of mostly water and fat. That sounds gross, but it is actually perfect for all of the processes necessary to keep us alive. To deprive it of water and sleep is setting it up for a not so good grade in my experience.
  2. Study, but do not cram. This goes without saying. Make sure the day before the test, you just lightly go over your notes.
  3. Work with your natural environment, not against it. If you’re a social learner, get in a study group. Don’t know anyone? Bashfully admit you have no clue what you’re doing and be surprised when you meet the best friend of your life. If you prefer to work alone? Do it. Come as you are and flourish.
  4. Set realistic goals for yourself.  Don’t expect perfection; you’ll make mistakes. That’s part of the beauty of being human.
  5.      Respect yourself and your work. This is not the time to throw away all your hard work by cheating. Everyone has heard of “that person” who got her hands on the answer key to memorize the answers. While they may get the better grade, they don’t respect themselves and they lack integrity. The grade becomes irrelevant.
Never fear, readers! After the midterm frenzy is Thanksgiving Break and then a mad dash for finals week. Keep calm and patriot on!

They think you rock (:

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