Monday, August 26, 2013

The Return of Fall

   Ahh, the new Fall semester is upon us! Time for buying college-ruled paper, spending financial aid money on things totally not related to school, and for starting new courses and meeting new students. In some cases you even get to meet old friends as they might be starting new paths in life, ie: starting a new college paths, etc...

   One of the things I love about these new semester is the sense of refreshment that goes on - your old semester is behind you and the future is ahead. All you courses can be A's if you try and nothing ( except for yourself ) can really stop you.

   This semester is supporting a number of firsts - it is my first Fall semester as an exclusive graduate student ( I had provisional courses last Spring as well as some Summer courses ), it is my first time with courses taught by Dr. Karen Sloan, and lastly it is the first time I will have multiple courses taught by just that Professor.

   One of the other things I am excited for - Fall TV! I am not ashamed in my desire to see Supernatural, Legend of Korra,Walking Dead, Dr. Who, and other shows to return to my TiVo.

   As I continue through my Fall 2013 Grad course path I can only provide these last parting thoughts:

   1) Do your work and do it early. Seriously. This is a good habit to have so start working at it now.

   2) Check in with your Professors early/often if you need a day off or want to do something. Few Professors have problems with you letting them know you'll be missing a class if you tell them EARLY. The problem arises when you ( a student ) miss class and don't say something until after the fact.

   3) Just work hard. I know that sounds easy to do but putting in an extra one to two hours every other day for your studies, papers, and research methods goes a great way to making your college life better.