Friday, August 16, 2013

The process of Citizenship!

Recently, I was interviewed by USCIS (U.S Citizenship andImmigration Services) for my citizenship. Thought I would share the process of interview for the international students.

I first applied for my citizenship in first week of April, but I didn't know that the process was going to be this fast. They sent me a letter in July for my interview on August 6, 2013. So from April till July, I had to memorize 100 civics test questions. This was not too bad actually because I loved US history in High School, so it was basically a review for me.

So at the day of my interview, I was a bit nervous because I didn't know what to expect. Oh, and my interview was held at Irving, TX. After driving 2 hours, I was really nervous for the actual interview process. But as I was called in by an officer, I was actually feeling better because the officer was really nice and friendly. As we walked in to her office, she asked me my name and general information, and begun the interview with the civics test. Basically the way civics test works is out of those 100 questions that I was supposed to memorize, she asked me 6 of them and luckily I got all of those right, but if people miss couple of questions, then they ask 10 questions and you have to get 6 of them right.

After the civics test, the USCIS requires a reading and writing test to make sure the applicant knows English. And that was a piece of cake for me, because the reading and writing test was a 1st grade test, where they give you a sentence to read and to write.

The next process after the interview was my oath ceremony, which was also held in Irving, TX on August 12, 2013. The oath ceremony was pretty nice; it was about an hour long with about 40 other applicants from different countries.

So the overall process was really memorable for me and I am glad that its over with before fall semester started.

For any international students who are planning on applying their citizenship process, don’t have a panic attack because it sounds harder and longer than it actually is. 

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