Friday, August 23, 2013

The last freshman orientation for the summer

            The last freshman orientation was August 21 and 22! This was my final orientation as an orientation leader for the summer. This opportunity to help new students has been very rewarding.
            Being an orientation leader has helped me feel a sense of responsibility, as I have been responsible for providing a welcoming experience to upcoming freshmen. Not only do you get leadership experience, but you also get a sense of community as you become friends with new students.

            This has been the best job I’ve ever applied for.

Orientation leaders 2013
            I have made really close friends with my fellow orientation leaders, so it is the best environment possible. I thought this summer was going to be uneventful like my previous years, but I was pleasantly surprised that it has been a really good one.

            This experience is different as there were some tests that truly bring who you are as a person into perspective. I have found out new things about my personality that I didn’t know in the past. I have been able to come forward with leadership qualities that were hidden or untested.

            I’ve gotten to share great memories with new people, and not having to sit around the house has been great!

            I have been responsible for providing the best transition for 50 freshmen. This is a big deal because freshman year can be very intimidating. These new students that have been in my group have showed me a sense of diversity. These guys and girls are great people and I hope I can be a friend to all of them.

            There is one thing that is difficult when you face something new. That is the ability to cope with a new environment. Nothing is more different or fresh than college. Going through my freshman year, I wish I had someone the first few days to show me around the ropes of my transition, so I hope to act as this role to anyone who needs it.

            If circumstances allow me to, I would love to be an orientation leader next year.

            If any of you feel that this job is something that appeals to you, feel free to become an orientation leader next summer. The application process starts around the beginning of the spring semester. Click here to go to the orientation website.

            Check out my other blog about what freshman orientation is like.

            You can also follow the Orientation Facebook page!

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