Monday, August 19, 2013

Is it hard work?

As I mentioned before in my previous blogs that I will be graduating in December, well for past couple of weeks I have been delaying on applying for my graduation for fall and the priority deadline was in June L

Fortunately I finally applied for my graduation today before the final deadline which I think is in October. It’s just going to get hectic for me from here. For example: the pressure of making all A’s in my classes to end my semester in a good shape.

I have been thinking about all the classes I took in past here at The University of Texas at Tyler, and realized that maybe I don’t meet the graduation requirements (I think I am just nervous). And because of that I emailed my advisor to make sure I meet all the requirements before I actually turn in my graduation application.

Well of course I meet my requirements because I have asked her that question so many times. And her response was to just turn in my application ASAP.

Why is it getting harder and harder to keep my mind focused? I am trying to convince myself that after 
December I won’t be coming to UT Tyler L

So for all the seniors out there, who are waiting to apply for graduation towards the end of deadline, please don’t because you would want to leave enough time for your advisor to get back with you if you have a glitch in your graduation requirements.

Being a senior is a very hard work, but if you start and plan everything ahead of time, nothing is impossible!

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