Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Am Back!

Yes, I am back from my mini vacation. I was actually gone for my wedding which was on June 23rd and I was not planning on coming back to the UT Tyler admission office call center when I left in May. But after the spring semester ended, I realized that I will have about a month in my hand before the fall semester starts and I begin my internship which will take away my working time. I was so used to this working environment and missed it so much that I decided that I should definitely try to come back here even if it’s for a month. And here I am back to my routine of working and taking summer classes. Yes, that’s right; I took summer II classes because I wanted to get back into my busy life before it becomes hard for me when the fall semester starts.

This past month of June was a really a memorable month for me. It made me realize how fast the time passes. There I was in spring semester trying to find time for wedding preps and now I am actually done with the wedding and back to my daily life.

Wedding is a life changing event, and I was glad I enjoyed every minute of it and took a deserving 2 months off from work and school.

After the wedding my husband and I went to Colorado Springs, CO. And we are so glad we did because it is an amazing place. There is so much to explore there and the weather there is amazing. It is really hard for me to describe in words about the beauty of Colorado Springs, so I will just post some pictures of the places we went to.

So here I am back with my wonderful blogging team
Keep an eye out for my blogs again. J

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