Thursday, July 25, 2013

Campus Housing offers recreational activities

                It’s a warm summer day with a nice overcast over the university. What do you do? Do you choose to stay indoors, or do go out there and get social?
                Hopefully most of us decide to get out from the heavenly grip of the bed sheets and cooled air to actually get active. UT Tyler’s housing facilities offer great choices to get active while having fun. Here are the following opportunities for recreational activities that the campus provides:
·         Gas grill
·         Picnic area
·         Sand volleyball court
·         BBQ pavilion
·         Swimming Pool
·         Sand volleyball court
·         Basketball court
·         Sand volleyball court
Sand Volleyball court besides Ornelas Hall
If you’ve noticed, all three on campus housing has volleyball courts! They’re available to anyone who wants to play. Personally, I’ve played sand volleyball on campus and it is the most fun thing you could possibly think of that requires getting active. Don’t get me wrong; I DO NOT like to sweat, but playing volleyball is the best thing I have done. I just played sand volleyball for the first time ever two weeks ago.
Students playing basketball in the Upines pool
Are you more of a pool person? Well if you live in the University Pines, or you have a friend who lives there, you can chill out in the pool and not even have to sweat. The pool there doesn’t go past five feet, so if you freak out after going past five feet because you can’t touch the floor don’t worry! I know I do, so that pool is a safe and fun way to spend a nice sunny day!
Whether you play volleyball or prefer swimming, there’s something that beats both of these things. What could possibly beat this you may ask? Doing both of them and having a cookout the same day with a group of friends. Boom! Mind blown! Pick up your chair and your socks because I just blew both of them off!
Nothing beats the fun of doing all three things with friends during a nice day. Designate who brings what for the cookout and make it happen. I guarantee that it will be a pretty awesome day!
So get out of your bed, put on your sunscreen (or sun tan lotion), and get out there!

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