Thursday, June 27, 2013

What Carver Does With His Free Time at UT Tyler

Being a full time college student, part time employee of the University of Texas at Tyler, and a member of the debate team, I don’t get a whole lot of free time.  However, in the rare instance that I do, I do what every other average American does…. I watch TV.

There are many options that one has when they wish to have access to their favorite TV shows.  They could go through Sudden Link and get a bundle package with their Internet; they could get Direct TV, or possibly even another provider.  Me? I chose to get Netflix. 

With so many options, you may find it interesting that I chose to get a service that doesn't offer me access to shows as soon as they air.  That isn't really a problem for me. 
You see, my free time is often unscheduled, so I don’t have a way to sit down and watch a scheduled TV program.  With Netflix, though, I can watch at my own pace whenever I want.  It’s the perfect thing for a busy college student like myself. 

It is also good for me because I don’t really like TV shows while they are still on TV.  I usually discover a love for them as they are finishing, or even after they have been off of the air for several years.  Fortunately, when I do find out about them, with Netflix I can watch the entire show over a span of several weeks to several months. 

Now, to the part that many people care most about… the costs.  For one, when you first sign up you can get an entire month for free. That is pretty cool for a poor college kid like me.  After your first “trial month,” you can watch as much as you want for only $7.99 a month.  That is hundreds of dollars cheaper than any other service that you can get when it comes to television.

I do more than just watch TV, though.  I also like to play video games.  I own an Xbox 360, which can also double as a form of media station where I can access the internet, stream music, and even watch videos.  This includes the ability to download a Netflix app onto my home dashboard where I can watch my television shows from my Xbox.  If that isn't cool, then I don’t know what is!

Netflix is such an awesome service.  It’s cheap, extremely accessible, and hardly ever encounters technical problems.  It is the perfect investment for someone who enjoys television, but doesn’t want to deal with huge bills every month.  It is perfect for the average college student, thus I must suggest heavily to anyone who reads this and is interested in something like this.  You won’t regret it! 

If my persuasive abilities have convinced that Netflix is the way to go, but you aren't sure what to begin watching, here are some good ideas.  Additionally, this is my favorite show EVER.  You should watch it.

Not sure where to go to get it? Look here

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