Monday, June 17, 2013

Newcomer in the midst of summer!

Stop your scrolling! You have arrived at the best destination you could possibly think of at this time of day. It is I, Kevin Berber. Your new student blogger. These next few months you will go on a cyber adventure of my everyday life here at The University of Texas at Tyler. Hold the hysteria.

Let's start with a little introduction...

I turned 20 on May 25th. Woot Woot! I have entered the great decade of the twenties. The period in life that everybody tries to forget when they're older, because either they're too embarrassed, or was just too beautiful that they can't re-live it. 

I am Mexican, and yes, I LOVE TACOS! I am bilingual in English and Spanish. Arriba! Orange is my favorite color, oh and look at is one of our school colors.

I am currently about to be a Junior this upcoming fall semester, so my journey in this lively and great campus will cease in two more years. I know. It may sound like a long time, but really, it goes by quick with all the study nights, involvement in student organizations, and awesome hang out times with friends.

I am majoring in Public Relations under the Mass Communication program. I am also minoring in Marketing. My dream is to work in the fashion industry doing public relations work and marketing. What does this mean? FREE CLOTHES!! Well hopefully. 

After I receive my Bachelors of Arts in Mass Communication I plan to pursue a Masters in either Public Relations or just Communications. 

I enjoy baking... no not just cookies, but other types of pastries like breads, pies, or even the fancy
crème brûlée. If I could eat Mac & Cheese every day I would, but alas I would destroy my attempt of keeping the summer body that I have.
I love learning about new cultures. I want to know how other people in different parts of the world live. That is why I plan to travel and broaden my horizons. I will hopefully visit Europe, Asia and South America. If I could live in Paris or London that would be uhhh-muzz-inggg!(amazing).
Just for fun, I'll give you my personal bucket list:
·         Learn all the romantic languages (French, Portuguese, and Italian)
·         Learn German
·         Skydive
·         Hike any of the highest peaks in the world
·         Get sprayed by a skunk...just kidding
·         Attend a runway show
·         Play spoons (card game) with the Pope
·         Meet the President of the U.S.
·         Meet James Franco

So that's me so far! I hope to have a great journey with you guys so keep reading!
Thank you
Kevin Berber

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