Monday, June 24, 2013

Geocaching Adventures in Tyler, Texas

     Anyone that is looking for a fun activity this summer in Tyler, look no further.  If you enjoy the outdoors, riddles and puzzles, and general adventuring of some form, there is an activity perfect for you: Geocaching.   An exciting outdoor activity, it is perfect for everyone, and 100% accessible to anyone with GPS technology.
     Geocaching is a real-world treasure hunting/scavenger hunt that utilizes GPS-devices to navigate to different geocaches (containers) hidden around the world.  On the Geocaching website (or on the smart phone app), your zip code or general location is all you need, and you will be given the GPS coordinates to all nearby geocaches for you to go discover!  Once you find the geocache, be sure to log your name on the log sheet, and if there are prizes inside the container, feel free to reward yourself! Just remember, it is common courtesy in the activity to leave something as well, that way the geocache remains fun for everyone who finds it.

A puzzle-based geocache
hunt, found in the Houston area
The fake log.
A popular geocache disguise. 
     The concept behind Geocaching is a simple one, but it delivers some seriously entertaining results.  First time members of the Geocaching experience find that geocaches are easy to find at first; these are the geocaches found mostly in urban settings, such as in public parks, parking lots, or other residential areas.  However, commitment to the activity leads to more challenging geocaches, as well as varying genres of geocaches, such as night searches, multi-step, riddle-based, micro-caches, challenge-caches, and many more.  Just look to the difficulty level next to the geocache description on their website to see how much adventuring will be required! 
    Now, for UT Tyler students that are interested, you need not look far for your first geocache.  According to the Geocaching website, there are nine geocaches hidden within our fine University grounds, all waiting for you to discover them!  Use the campus map with the map given on the Geocaching website if you need more help finding a certain geocache.  There are even more in the general Tyler area, all you need to do is look them up on the website, and then enjoy!

One of the geocaches on the
UT Tyler campus.
Go find it, and bring tweezers!!
     If you start the activity and want to contribute, create your own geocache!  Check out the rules and procedures on the Geocaching website for more information!  Some geocaches have been in existence for over ten years, constantly discovered by avid geocachers!  Get in contact with members of the UT Tyler Outdoor Adventures Program and see if they would be interested in the activity as well. 
     Find the website for more information about this activity!  If you are bored this summer, and are looking for a fun adventure that will continually provide excitement the more you commit to it, Geocaching is just for you!

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