Thursday, April 18, 2013

Supplemental Instruction at The University of Texas at Tyler is...

       Supplemental Instruction is awesome! Basically, SI is a weekly study session taught by another student for certain, more difficult, classes. The study sessions are taught by students who have previously taken that course, and made a very good grade.
       Last semester none of my classes had a SI leader, but this semester I'm taking history! So I can go to the SI session now if I need help studying anything before tests! Not only can you study for tests, but you can also compare notes with other students, and get a better understanding of what your class is learning!
       Your SI leader, like I said before, is a student who has already taken the class, so they know what to expect out of the class. Also, they regularly sit during your class so that they can see how your professor is teaching!! If you go to your sessions regularly, you have a better chance at making a good grade than people who don't go!
       Last night, I went to my first SI session ever. I went because they were going to be talking about the test that we had today. When I went, I found a lot of resources that I could use to help study for this test! We had everything from a study guide to a practice test available! Honestly, I believe that had I not gone to this session, I would have not even known what to study for. I usually have a difficult time studying, but I have learned a few study tips just by going to SI!
       SI sessions are held every week, and the leader will set up the session according to which times are best for the students. The sessions are very casual! I definitely recommend that you go if there is a session available for your class!!

       Have any of you guys ever gone to SI before? What was your experience like? Leave us a comment below! :)


Chrissy Jones said...

I looooovvvvveeeeee SI. The only reason I got the grades I got in history this year have been because of my faithful SI attendance. Plus, they make you feel way more prepared for tests and help you understand better what's going on in class.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Surprised Patrick. I miss you, Chandler!


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