Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bingo Night at UT Tyler!

UT Tyler CAB (Campus Activities Board) recently held a Bingo Night here at the Patriot Zone. 
The first night I didn't go because I was busy and in all honesty, bingo has never appealed to me. 

When I got back to my room, my roommate started raving about bingo night and all the awesome prizes they had, and etc. So she told me I HAD to go to the next one, and thanks to the awesome job I have that allows me to check out campus events (and get paid for it), I went to my first Bingo Night.

It was in our Patriot Zone and open to all students. They had a table FULL of prizes. A lot more people went than I expected. 

Now, playing bingo when I would play bingo as a little girl I never won ANYTHING. 

The first round we played, guess who the winner was? ME! 

I was so excited. However, you can only win once to give everyone an equal chance.
Which was fine. I didn't mind. Because I still won first, making me the Bingo Queen. 

When there are more Bingo Nights, trust that the (self-proclaimed) Bingo Queen will definitely be in attendance. 


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