Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Open Mic Night at UT Tyler

Recently UT Tyler had an Open Mic Night in the Patriot Zone, and it was amazing.

First off, we had one of the most creative poets I'd ever heard MC'ing, Odd?Rod.

When I walked into the room I could just feel this chill vibe in the atmosphere. Odd?Rod was on stage reciting one of his poems, there was great catered Mexican food (a huge plus), and one by one fellow students would go onstage to express themselves.

I was surprised by how many people actually went up and the great variety of things they did. Some people sang, some people danced, played guitar, some people even recited some of their own poetry. And they'd be people that you see walking around campus everyday! I always forget that the people around me probably have a million talents that I don't know about. Open Mic Night is a way to remind us of that, and definitely an amazing way to show the diversity on campus.

It was just an amazing night. I strongly urge our school to continue this tradition and for everyone to go out next time you can. The setting was perfect, the MC was inspiring, and the event itself was a hit.

Odd?Rod with the UT Tyler Patriots!

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