Sunday, February 10, 2013

Local Hangout Field Trip: Andy’s Frozen Custard

Everyone pretty much has heard of ice cream. Most people are aware of frozen yogurt, and some aware of frozen Greek yogurt. But have you ever heard of Frozen Custard? If not and you love frozen confectionary treats, run to Andy’s Frozen Custard right away! I know it's supposed to be winter right now, but you won’t be sorry! 

What’s so unique about Andy’s? This custard is the softest and creamiest of all the frozen treats I’ve ever tried. Plus they are incredibly customizable! Although they only offer vanilla and chocolate custard (unless you buy one of four prepackaged pint flavors), they have a wide variety of topping for you to choose to have with your treat. You can get anything from a cone to a concrete, which is the topping of your choice blended into the custard.

What’s awesome is that although Andy’s is a franchise, the only one in the state of Texas is right here in our city, so it’s a pretty unique experience for Tylerites and our visitors. My sister and her boyfriend, who both live out of town, always ask if we can get some Andy’s as soon as they come in for a visit. It’s that delectable!

If you feel like grabbing some custard with your friends, you can definitely do that! Andy’s is known for being a local hangout for teenagers where you can get your custard and mosey around on the patio or grab a bench or two. The staff is always very friendly and the service is really great. If you’ve never been, what the heck are you waiting for?! In the meantime, I’ll just be here enjoying my cherry cookie dough sundae…

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