Monday, January 14, 2013

Senior Plans- I HAVE NO PLAN

This semester is my last here at The University of Texas at Tyler. As a student of English and Communication, I have applied for graduation, and been approved. My grades permitting, I will be walking across the Cowan Center stage come May.

I have moved 38 times, and after each move I have made, I felt as if I was missing out on chances. I was afraid I was missing out on connections with people. No move I made was ever 100% my choice. 

As a child, you go where your parent(s) take you. As a university student, you go where you need to for your future. As an adult... well, it seems to be more about the money. I don't know about money, but my move to Austin this summer will start my career; it will be move number 39.

My original plan for UT Tyler was that I was only going to stay here at UT Tyler for one year, and move on to a larger school. This university quickly became my home. This epoch of my life is the second longest I have ever lived in the same area and known the same people. My university experiences have taught me that things, well, they will always change anyway. It doesn't matter if you move away or make plans or make promises. 

As functional humans, we need to understand that we cannot predict anything based on past events. We can only plan very little. We can only adapt.

Friends, family, my esthetician, acquaintances and the lady at the Walgreens all ask me what I’m planning to do when I graduate. Find a job! What do you think?

I’m feeling sentimental looking back, and realizing what the heart of this school has shown me.

Life does not work according to your Google calendar, and that's okay.  

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