Thursday, November 15, 2012

Domestic Violence Awareness on Campus

 Last October was Domestic Violence Awareness month.
This is a serious topic because thousands of people live with abuse everyday. According to Domestic Violence Resource Center, one in every four women has experience domestic violence in her lifetime.
It is important to raise awareness in order to prevent and help those who are victims to Domestic Violence.
Love should never hurt.
There's always help out there.

On the last day of October, Alpha Chi Omega, The East Texas Crisis Center and The Office of Leadership and Service held candle light vigil in memory of the victims of domestic violence.
(They used glow sticks instead of candles because flames could be a trigger for some people)

Handing out purple ribbons

* These figures have stories of victims on them

* The picture above said: "Martha "Marie" Amie-Roy. Age 37. D/O/D October 6, 1987. Marie was shot to death by her husband, David Roy, in the parking lot of the Tyler Police Department while attempting to get to safety. David Roy's only statement to the interviewing detective was "This was not a sudden thing, it had been years in coming." "

Martha is just one of many, many fatal victims of Domestic Violence. It is important to let their stories be heard in order for people to know the importance of awareness. There are always ways to help, even if it's in the smallest things. East Texas Crisis Center is an organization here in Tyler that helps those victims.

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