Sunday, October 28, 2012

Third Times the Charm - HvZ and Me

The Most Undead Time of the Year

   So, it’s that time of year again: Humans Versus Zombies has returned. Now in its third year, HvZ has become an extremely popular campus wide activity that has gained the attention of students, faculty, the local news outlets, and even UT Administration.

   For those who do not know the on-campus history the game, it was pioneered by students like Anthony Bern, Amanda Davis, Sam Tiedeman, Reed Laster and other moderators, student groups, and helpers. This year Amanda is taking her turn as Head Zombie Wangler ( President! ), Sam Tiedeman is VP, Wes Goodhue is acting Treasurer, and  Cody Griffin is Secretary. Good work everyone! More information can be found through the Facebook HvZ page here. If you are already a player, then check out the HvZ Humans page

   For my part in writing this I have been an “observer” only: I have helped HvZ, but only in my capacity as a part of other student groups. In my mind I have never been able to fully make a good case for how “shooting pew-pew darts outside” is fun for me, personally. While I have always engaged in nerdy activates, I love zombie-themed horror, and participation is always good … I just never could get into it.

   Until now.

   As of 2012 I am actually a member of the HvZ group and I’ll admit why: because you can’t properly say something IS or ISN NOT fun until you try it. I have worked very, very hard to always defend people who play D&D ( and also to defend those who do not play it ) because *I* play it and I know how misjudging something before you try it can lead to misunderstandings, errors in judgment, and ( sometimes ) rude behavior.

   While I have ( and always will ) defend the rights of on-campus students to play HvZ, I have proven guilty of misjudging my own conceptions of “fun.” Heck, who knows? I could be totally wrong and this game will change my life forever? Maybe I’ll still find it “not for me?”

   Whatever my reasons, the people who have been sitting at those registration tables, signing people up, filling out forms, getting rules set up, working with UT Staffers, and clearing up the rules have been doing a darn fine job of making this year’s HvZ game a smash hit that anybody can join.

   Even if this isn't the game for me, I’ll try it. I’ll try it because if my friends can work this hard to try and pull this off ( again! ) the least I can do is fire off some darts and see how long it takes before I am a zombie with everyone else. 

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