Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Survivor Journal: The Dinner Bell Massacre

The following is an excerpt from a fallen survivor:

I ran and ran, but the injury to my leg slowed me down, heavily bandaged as it was, extremely tired, surrounded on all sides, can't out run the horde. With my back to the bell tower I stood with my gun readied, I would at least fell a few before being consumed I thought to my self. But the attack never came, I was completely encircled by the ravenous mob of zombies, but none made the first move to consume me with the ferocity I have come to understand from listening to Ely's broadcasts. I stood in silence, waiting, seconds became minutes, and panic was setting in. I taunted "Whats the matter, why aren't you running at me!?" Then with a resonating ding the bell tower trumpeted the change of the hour, and upon that alert the horde unleashed its ferocity and fury upon me, and as they crashed down on me like water on a rock, I gave into the fury and am lost forever to their.... braaaains....braaaaaaains....!

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Anonymous said...

Two ducks fell in a hole. 15 ducks flew out 10 years later. Those poor ducks will ruin society.

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